domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Delfin (poema)

Esa sonrisa tan profunda
esas ganas de vivir
Tienes movimiento y agilidad
pero no te dejan vivir

Eres la belleza de las profundidades
y de ti se aprende mucho
A pesar de que algunos te quieres borrar de este hermoso mundo

Pero se que al final ganaras esta sangrienta batalla
y que por fin acabara la matanza
de el del-FIN

lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Snow time

The snow has covered every single place
Every time I look out the window I am still amazed
White is the color of purity, so this is reason for beauty

Have you ever picked a snow flake with your hands
Only to see perfection within your palms?

White winter
Winter white

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

Blue sky (poem)

Blue as can be is what I want to see
It clears my mind and brings me peace
Blue as can be is what I wish

Blue sky, blue sky
Come back, no more black
Sky blue, sky blue

Let me look right into you

Sun is shining (poem)

Sun is light and light is life, so when it shines it makes me bright
Sun wakes me up and brings a smile to my face as it is the source of life
This sun is needed more than ever in my entire life
Please warm my pale face in cold winter times
You are what I need for this lonely place yes indeed

viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009


Skateboarding is fun and that how it all started for me since I picked up my first skateboard back in 1988. Then I was only 8 years old but it soon taught me and showed me things and places in life.
I have met the most amazing people and have seen great countries because of having a board under my feet. I will always keep that in mind..

Little story about Finland

It has been now over 5 years since I have been residing here in the capital of Finland (Helsinki).
I first came here in the summer of 2000 and literally fell in love with the country. Though I only spent 2 moths at that time, but it was just so much fun, the lakes, trees everywhere, the sauna culture and some grilling and fishing.
For Finns nature and own space plays a big part of their life so please don't get in their way.
The language has been pretty tuff but possible to learn if you have the wheel to learn it and plenty of motivation. 
Finland is a great country if you don't want to pay for your education, and the level here seems to be higher than other EU countries. They have certainly invested more money that in other places around the globe and you can see that clear.
In the other hand winters are long and dark so unless the weather doesn't affect you at all, then I welcome you here to the land of Santa.